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B.S. Physics, B.A. Economics
Class of 2022, Yale University

Hometown: Harrison, New York

Tutoring Specialties: International Baccalaureate Curriculum, Mathematics, Physics, ACT Prep

Foreign Languages: Persian

Subjects of Study: Physics, Mathematics, Economics, Music Theory

Extracurriculars: Yale College Council Task Force Director, Yale Student Investment Group Analyst, Middle-Eastern/North-African (MENA) Student Association Member

Hobbies: Basketball, Astronomy, Electronic Music Production

Fun Fact: My name means "King of Kings" in Persian



B.A. Political Science
Class of 2022, Yale University

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Tutoring Specialties: Economics, Chemistry, Political Science, AP US/World History

Foreign Languages: Tigrinya, Spanish

Subjects of Study: Political Science, Calculus, Economics, Chemistry, Music Theory, Dance Theatre

Extracurriculars: Yale Debate Association, Black Men’s Union, Undergraduate Music Production

Hobbies: Music Production, Audio Engineering, Avid Reader

Fun Fact: I can touch rim at 5’8” :)



B.S. Cognitive Science
Class of 2022, Yale University

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Tutoring Specialties: Essay Writing, French, AP Computer Science, SAT Prep

Foreign Languages: French, Italian

Subjects of Study: English, American Studies, French, Neuroscience, Computer Science, Italian, Film, Linguistics, Philosophy, Psychology

Extracurriculars: Club Tennis, Spring Fling Committee Member, Splash at Yale Administrator/Teacher 

Hobbies: Watching movies, writing plays, producing short films

Fun Fact: My name is a misspelled homage to pianist Keith Jarrett



B.S. Computer Science
Class of 2022, Yale University

Hometown: Brookline, Massachusetts

Tutoring Specialties: Computer Science, AP Calculus, SAT Prep

Foreign Languages: Spanish

Subjects of Study: Economics, Music Theory, Music Production, Spanish, Business History, Multivariable Calculus, Poetry

Extracurriculars: TAMID Consulting Group, Undergraduate Sports Analytics Group, Albo Systems Consultant, Funbotics Coordinator

Hobbies: Piano, Music Production, Sound Synthesis, Fantasy Football, Tinkering

Fun Fact: I placed third in a 6th grade Just Dance competition

headshot 2019_2 - Ethan Riordan.jpeg


B.A. History, B.A. Theater Studies
Class of 2022, Yale University

Hometown: New York, New York

Tutoring Specialties: Audition Prep, Monologue Coaching, AP History Courses, College Essays, Statistics

Foreign Languages: French

Subjects of Study: Political Science, English, American Studies, Data Science, Environmental Studies, Music, Psychology, Economics

Extracurriculars: Doox of Yale, Music Composition, Theater, MX

Hobbies: Listening to new music, writing songs, reading plays

Fun Fact: When I was 13, I was ranked #1 in the US on the app "QuizUp" in Queen trivia

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