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As COVID-19 has upended in-person learning around the world, extracurricular activities have become increasingly inaccessible to students, in particular electives, like art, that may be difficult to experience or learn from a distance. 

This makes our Aartvaark sad.

Because our Aartvark knows that art is a place where children learn how to trust their ideas, develop themselves and explore what is possible. And what’s more important than that, says he?

Like many of us, our Aartvark now has an inordinate amount of time on his hands, day and night, to inspire other budding artists with super fun, free drawing and shading lessons for elementary and middle school students.

AARTVARKS FREE ONLINE ART LESSONS will help students learn how to break down, sketch and shade their favorite works, give students a chance to develop their artistic abilities, and an opportunity to grow through what they draw through!. 

Given COVID-19 restrictions, the hour-long lessons are conducted over Zoom. No prior art experience is required! A student need only a pencil, paper, and a willingness to imagine. SIGN UP WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS BELOW and one of our Aartvarks will get back to you to set up an introductory zoom call. Let your imagination begin!

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